Scientific programme

The programme overview can be downloaded here (updated 15.05.2014).

The complete programme can be downloaded here (updated 02.06.2014).

Poster overview can be downloaded here.


On Wednesday 4 June the International Palliative Care Family Carer Research Collaboration (IPCFRC) arranges a workshop in partnership with the EAPC. The workshop is entitled “Conducting research with family caregivers: Methodological insights & strategies”.

Download invitation here. RSVP within Friday 23 May. 


Abstract presentation categories (total number of submitted abstracts: 807)

Plenary abstracts

5 of the abstracts which received the highest review scores will present in plenary sessions. There are in total three plenary sessions during the congress.

Free communication abstracts

The following 95 abstracts (based on review score) will present in parallel oral communication sessions. There are in total 15 free communication sessions. 15 minutes are allocated for presentation of each abstract (8 minutes presentation + 7 minutes  discussion).

Poster presentations and poster discussion sessions

500 abstracts will be presented as posters in the poster exhibition. Of these, 12 of the highest ranked posters will be presented in poster discussion sessions. There are 2 poster discussion sessions during the congress.

Instructions for poster presentations can be downloaded here.

Print only

This is a new category, introduced because of the high number of abstracts. 203 abstracts will be presented by being published in the special edition of Palliative Medicine. This means that no presentation is required during the congress.


Abstracts with an average review score below 1 were rejected.